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Are you experienced? The relentless rise of experience art

April 23, 2013

My column for the April issue of ArtReview.

“There’s a poster on the platform at Barbican underground station, my stop now when I head to ArtReview’s fancy new offices. The poster is for the Hayward Gallery’s current exhibition, Light Show, with an upbeat, punning quote from The Independent newspaper: ‘Hayward Gallery trips the light switch fantastic!’ On the show’s website, a YouTube clip previews the show’s glowing array of artworks that use artificial light, and a warning banner declares that ‘Light Show is extremely popular and tickets are selling out daily. You should expect to queue upon arrival and advance booking is strongly recommended.’”

Read on at ArtReview’s new website here

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  1. title’s the same as ann veronica janssens’s exhibition: “are you experienced?” in 2009
    (not a very good one by the way)


  2. jjcharlesworth permalink

    It’s also the title of Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 debut album. (quite a good title by the way!)


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